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Ontaro is an online safety monitoring app that aspires to be a fully comprehensive online safety solution that empowers families to monitor content, manage screen time, and filter websites to help protect their children online.

Our mission is to give parents and guardians the tools they need to raise children safely in a digital world.

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1 in 5 children experience some form of cyberbullying

Finding out that your child is being bullied online can be a distressing experience for everyone involved.

A recent report from the Office for National Statistics found that almost 20% of children aged 10-15 in England and Wales have experienced some form of online bullying.

Ontaro can help shield your child from

  • Cyber bullying
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Violence
  • Eating Disorders
  • Suicide / Self Harm
  • Sexual Content
  • Predators

Who we are

As a busy parent, reading every text message, post, and email just isn’t realistic.

Instead, Ontaro is a mental wellbeing app for parents was developed to enable parents to have a better, easier, and more effective way of keeping children safe online and encouraging an open conversation while retaining their privacy. The online safety monitoring service was created in Derbyshire, UK after years of research and consultation with child professionals and software specialists.

Digital awareness app Ontaro delivers a research-backed, child-friendly solution for safeguarding families as technology changes how, when and where we communicate.

How we do it

World class content monitoring for youth suicide prevention, cyber bullying and online harrassment help

The difference that sets our digital awareness app apart from competitors is not only are we UK based, but our content and online safety monitoring is world class.

With sophisticated A.I and machine learning, we're able to alert parents and guardians with issues (like cyberbullying, online predators, suicidal tendencies, sexting, eating disorders and more) that their children may encounter online. We notify parents when something may be wrong so they can give their children the support they need. But we don't just leave you to deal with issues on your own — we direct you to the right people that can help.

State of the art

Content & Online Safety Monitoring

Ontaro is an online safety monitoring app that uses advanced machine learning and statistical analysis techniques to recognize potential problems online. Simple keyword searches are not enough to detect the majority of issues, which is why our parental mental wellbeing app uses contextual analysis and natural language processing to determine when something of concern might be happening.

Upcoming features

Coming Soon

Apps reviewed, and monitored by our digital awareness app added monthly. New features coming soon include. Geofencing for alerts on child location, location tracking, App blocking, website blocking and coverage on IOS devices. These are just a few of the exciting things that we're working to add to this advanced online safety monitoring app.

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What's included in the digital awareness app?

  • Adding new applications monthly Currently supporting Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, TikTok and more (Android only)
  • Heartbeat Lets you know the phone is still connected (ping)
  • Unlimited devices Mobile & Tablet
  • Dashboard Mobile & PC friendly
  • Analytics Identify trends
  • Add a guardian
  • UK based company

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Respecting your child's privacy

Ontaro is a mental wellbeing app for parents that monitors your child’s email, YouTube and the most popular social media platforms for issues like cyberbullying, adult content, sexual predators, suicidal thoughts, threats of violence, and more. Parents will receive email alerts only when something potentially problematic occurs online. You won’t have full access to everything on your child’s phone — just the things you might need to know about. This saves you countless hours scrolling through every online interaction your child has done while allowing you to build trust and maintain an open line of communication with your child.

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