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  • Is my child's data secure
    Absolutely. At Ontaro, security is paramount. Our website and portal uses SSL encryption and all analyzed data is stored within an encrypted database. You can rest easy knowing your children's data is secure. Ontaro is secured with state-of-the-art technologies and practices for added protection. We use Microsoft Azure for all our cloud based storage storage. Microsoft Azure is a known, trusted, and reliable partner in the cybersecurity industry, and we use them to secure our database. We use Stripe for all our payments and financial data which is used all over the world. You can find our privacy policy here When you share your personal information with Ontaro, we immediately encrypt it so it can’t be traced back to you. By looking at everyone’s data together, we can see larger patterns that help us learn and grow, and your privacy is completely preserved the whole time. Parents, guardians, co parents and care givers are the owners of all their data, and they have full control over what happens to it. We would never sell or give away your data to any third party without your consent. We purge data within 30 days of analysis, but if you want it gone sooner, just ask. We are a member of information commissions office (ico) and adhere to GDPR regulations iCO
  • How do you install the app
    coming soon
  • What can Ontaro's parental control tool for Android devices do?
    Ontaro's parental controls tool for Androids gives you the power to monitor your child’s online activities in a groundbreaking way. Our content monitoring uses advanced AI to scan messages, posts, comments, replies, socials and so much more to find potential dangers. If something concerning is found, you’ll get a timely alert so you can check in and make sure everything is okay.
  • Ontaro development
    Ontaro’s new product uses innovative tech to put people front and centre. Built with a modern tech stack, it's a scalable subscription SaaS that uses a complex guardianship system through which parents can delegate alert management to spouses, carers or schools. With integrated device heartbeats, guardians can also check if a child’s phone is still turned on. We achieved multi-class text classification using varying natural languages processing techniques (like BERT) to flag content, and prompt discussion via a dashboard which shows statistics and charts about the child’s internet usage. Oh, and we incorporated an ‘iterative improvement’ mechanism which enables parents to categorise their child’s detections, so we can retrain the machine learning model over time.
  • How does Ontaro work
    coming soon
  • Does Ontaro cover iOS devices
    We are working on it.... iOS Apple devices are locked down and so become much harder to monitor. We Know Ontaro can work on iOS devices, but we want to make sure we get the same great results we achieve on Android on iOS Apple devices too. Once we are happy we have achieved this, we will release Ontaro for iOS Apple devices. We are sorry if this is disappointing to hear, but we will not compromise on safety. Thank you.
  • How much does Ontaro cost
    We offer two plans — monthly subscription or annualy. Both subscriptions covers every child and device in your family, with no limit on accounts, devices, or kids. Both plans come with a 14-day free trial: Ontaro monthly (£10 monthly subscription) A great choice for parents if you want to budget and spread the cost Monitor and receive alerts for your child’s social media, phones and tablets. Identify trends, Cancel anytime Ontaro annual (£100 yearly subscription, a saving of £20 compared to monthly) A great saving on monthly subscription
  • Can my child remove the app
    coming soon
  • Which devices does Ontaro cover
    Ontaro currently covers Android devices. So any device a child has that runs Android on it can be protected by Ontaro.
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